How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online in New Jersey

If you’re looking to make a wager on the Kentucky Derby in New Jersey, then there are a few things you need to know. There are several online betting options that you can consider, including TVG and 4NJBets.

Daily doubles

The Daily Double is the simplest type of exotic bet. It involves selecting the winner of two consecutive horse races. Typically, a bettor would key on a favorite to win both races. In order to place a Daily Double, a bettor must multiply the number of horses in the first race by the number of horses in the second race.

If a bettor correctly predicts both winners, he or she will receive a payout. However, a bettor will be subject to track takeout, which is money held back by the track to cover expenses.

A Daily Double is offered on a variety of tracks. Some offer rolling daily doubles, while others offer a late daily double. Each track has a different takeout rate. Generally, track takeout is 14% to 22%.

If you are a fan of standout horses, a Daily Double is a great way to find value. Although it can be tempting to focus all of your tickets on a single favorite, it is better to spread your money out. By excluding horses that are not worth your investment, you can save money.

The Daily Double is one of the oldest exotic bets available. Introduced in 1931, it was the first of its kind. Originally, it was only offered on the first two races of the day. But now it is available on any event spanning two days.

There are various bet types for the Daily Double, such as part-wheels and full wheels. Part-wheels are a good option for a daily double if you are able to eliminate the horses you don’t want to bet on.


The Kentucky Derby is the biggest thoroughbred race in the world. It is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. More than 150,000 people attend the races each year. There are several ways to bet on the Derby. These include traditional betting, online, mobile and live streaming.

In addition to the traditional straight bets, the Derby features exotic pools, such as superfecta, trifecta and exacta. Superfecta betting involves selecting the first four horses to finish in the correct order. Exacta betting takes the same idea, but requires picking two or more of the horses to finish in the right order.

One of the easiest and most popular bets for the Kentucky Derby is the win bet. This is where you pick a horse to win the race. You can bet $1 to $2 for this bet.

Another simple bet is the show bet. Here, you select a horse to win the first, second or third place. Usually, it’s a good idea to bet on the favorite. However, there are many other horses to choose from.

A more complex bet is the exotic bet. An exotic bet is a combination of various horse bets.

The most popular is the exacta. This wager has a lot of perks. First, it’s a fun bet, and it’s also a good way to make a profit.

Another bet to try is the horizontal exotic. This is a bit more complex than the exacta. Players have to pick the Top-5 finishers in the correct order. If a horse finishes in the top five, the payout is huge.


When betting on the Kentucky Derby, it’s important to choose the right types of bets. The bets you’ll want to consider are win bets, box bets, and trifectas. It’s also important to look at recent track records and the horse’s pedigree.

Win bets and box bets pay out if your horse finishes first, second, or third. Both are easy to predict and pay out well.

Trifectas require you to pick three horses that finish in the correct order. They can pay out very high, but they’re difficult to win.

Superfectas are a more difficult bet to make. You must pick the top four horses. If you don’t win, you lose your bet. But if you do, you’ll earn big.

Another bet you can make is an exotic wager. These bets combine different horses in various races. For example, you can bet that Mo Donegal and Zandon will both finish in the top three.

To bet on the Kentucky Derby, you need to decide how to fund your account. You can do this with credit card, debit card, or bank account transfer. Once you’ve deposited, you can start placing your wagers.

The first bet you’ll want to try is a win bet. This is a simple bet that’s great for beginners.

Other bets include box bets, trifectas, and superfectas. All are based on the pari-mutuel system. Your odds depend on the amount of bets you place and the total amount of money you’re betting.

Pari-mutuel system

The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the American Triple Crown, and is a big event for the Thoroughbred racing industry. If you want to bet on the Kentucky Derby, you’ll need to use the pari-mutuel system.

Pari-mutuel betting is the main method of betting on horse races. You can bet on the horses in the Kentucky Derby using credit cards, debit cards, mobile apps, and even online. All bets go into a pool and are compared to the bets of other bettors. When you’re comparing the odds, you’ll see how much you’re going to win for every dollar you put in.

There are two types of wagers: place bets and show bets. Place bets have a lower payout. This means that if you bet on a horse to finish first, you’ll only receive a portion of the money you wagered. Show bets are a little easier to manage, but have a lower payoff.

Horse racing is a popular form of betting throughout the United States. It used to be that you had to be physically present at a racetrack to bet. However, with the rise of online betting, the process has become very convenient.

Online Kentucky Derby wagering is not difficult to do. You’ll need to sign up with a betting operator. Many will offer you a welcome bonus, which can be either a free bet or a deposit match.


The Kentucky Derby is one of the most exciting events in the American sporting calendar. In order to bet on the race, you need to sign up for a betting account. There are many options for online wagering, but the best sites offer a wide range of options, accept the most popular sports betting deposit methods, and deliver fast access to funds when the Derby is over.

You can use a computer or mobile device to place bets. But before you do, you should check the horse’s record and track history. Consider whether it is an underdog or a favorite. Also, consider the trainer’s history. A good tip for winning is to pick a horse that has recently won on a dirt track.

When you are ready to place a bet, you will need to select a race and a runner. Once you have made your selections, you will need to enter the amount of money you are willing to bet.

If you’re new to wagering, you can take advantage of a sign up bonus. Most online racing sites provide this, but it is up to you to find it. This bonus varies, but it usually includes a cash back offer.

4NJBets, powered by TVG, is a legal online betting site that allows you to bet on Kentucky Derby races. It offers a variety of betting options, including a special offer that rewards you with $200 in free bets if you win your first bet.


The Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular horse races in the country. A total of three million dollars will be awarded to the winner.

While it is impossible to determine who will win, you can bet on the outcome of the race. Betting on the Kentucky Derby is legal in New Jersey, and there are several options for betting online. However, there are some things you should know before you start.

One of the best places to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby is TVG. This online betting site is available in over 30 states. It is also the largest horse race wagering network in the world.

TVG is known for its streamlined interface, and offers users a number of deposit options. Money orders and wire transfers are both acceptable methods of funding an account.

Other options include a risk-free bet and free bet promotions. TVG is currently offering a $200 refund for a successful wager, and is the best place to make a bet on the Kentucky Derby.

Another option is to sign up for a sports betting app. These apps offer a host of features including real-time wagering on dozens of races, live streaming of all events, and an extensive horse racing database. Whether you’re looking to place a bet on the Kentucky derby, a local football game, or even the upcoming Super Bowl, the right sports betting app will have you covered.

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