How to Gain Stardust in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, you can find ways to gain stardust by feeding berries to your Pokemon. However, you can only feed your Pokemon ten berries per 30 minutes. To earn more stardust, you can feed them in gyms that belong to your team. These methods are very useful, but you must be careful and do not overdo it.


Whether you are playing the mobile game for free or paying for an incubator, you should know how to gain stardust. The most common way to earn stardust in Pokemon Go is by capturing Pokemon. Most Pokemon will give you 100, 300, or 500 stardust when they are captured, and select Pokemon will give you more. You can also earn an additional bonus if you catch a new Pokemon daily. If you do this seven days in a row, you’ll be rewarded with 9,000 stardust. Additionally, catching a weather-boosted Pokemon will also give you extra stardust.

If you’re looking to earn even more Stardust faster, you’ll want to try using star pieces. Each piece gives you a 50% boost in stardust over a 30-minute period. These pieces can be purchased in the in-game store for various amounts of PokeCoins. You can even buy bundles of star pieces for extra stardust.

A second method of gaining Stardust is by joining gyms. As soon as you reach Level 5, you’ll be required to join a team. In addition to fighting other players, you can also challenge team leaders to battle. The three team leaders are Spark, Blanche, and Candela. If you can defeat them and capture their Pokemon, you’ll earn more Stardust!

Another way to earn stardust in Pokemon Go is by completing Raids. Each Raid you complete will give you 1,000 Stardust. During these events, you can spend extra time playing to earn more Stardust.

GO Battle League

In the Pokemon GO Battle League, players can bag massive amounts of Stardust at the end of every season. When you complete all five rounds of a season, you will receive your rank, and the higher your rank, the more Stardust you will receive at the end of the season. This is especially true if you have a Premium Battle Pass, but even when you play standard trainer battles, you can earn some Stardust.

One of the best ways to gain Stardust in the Pokemon Go Battle League is to catch many monsters and use them to evolve your team. You can also use Star Pieces to boost your Stardust for at least 30 minutes. You can buy one star piece for 100 Coins, or eight for 640 Coins.

Pokemon GO has a feature called the POWER UP button. Whenever you power up, your Pokemon’s CP increases. You can use this feature to your advantage by learning when to use Protect Shields and when to switch Pokemon. By following these tips, you’ll be able to earn a lot of Stardust and get the most out of your battles.

Another way to get Stardust is by feeding Pokemon. If you can get close enough to a gym, you can feed your Pokemon with berries, which will earn you Stardust. This method works well in busy cities, but you will need a lot of berries to be able to do this.

Weather Boosted Pokemon

There are a variety of methods to earn stardust in Pokemon Go, but one of the most reliable methods is catching Pokemon. The majority of Pokemon will give you 100, 300, or 500 stardust when you capture them, but some Pokemon will give you more. You can also gain extra stardust by catching Pokemon with weather boosts. The more evolved Pokemon you catch, the more stardust you will earn.

The best way to increase your stardust is to combine bonuses. For instance, catching Pokemon and walking for 10km with an egg will give you bonus stardust, as will catching many monsters at once. While incubators are expensive, they are surprisingly easy to get and can boost your stardust by up to 20%.

Another way to gain more Stardust is by feeding berries to Pokemon guarding a gym. The first catch of the day gives you a large boost in Stardust. If you can get seven consecutive days of first catches, you can receive a truckload of Stardust! You can also use Team Rocket as a valuable enemy. This team consists of grunts and their leader.

You can also send gifts to your friends. In Pokemon Go, you can send up to 20 gifts per day. You can also use the stardust to buy Charge Moves. The cost of Stardust in Pokemon GO increases with rarity, with the cost rising from 10K for common Pokemon to more than 100K for Legendaries.

Team Go Rocket Grunts

There are a variety of ways to gain Stardust in Pokemon GO. One of the most common methods is by participating in Raids. Raids are found in gyms with an egg icon, and completing them will give you Stardust. In addition, you can join other players to increase your chances of catching a Pokemon. Stardust is only earned once per Raid. Another method is to defeat Team Go Rocket. The leader of this team will offer you stardust if you defeat them.

The first and most basic method is to catch Pokemon. Once you reach level 8, you can start catching Pokemon. Each Pokemon has a different amount of stardust associated with it. First-evolution Pokemon will give you a small amount, while later evolutions will give you a larger amount. You should also target areas that are heavily populated.

You can also use star pieces to give yourself an extra boost of stardust. These pieces will give you a 50% increase of stardust within a 30-minute period. Make sure to combine multiple actions to get the maximum boost. For example, you can save your daily bonus by hatching eggs, or you can catch many monsters at once. To purchase star pieces, head to the in-game store. The cost is 100 Coins for a single piece, but you can also purchase bundles of eight for 640 Coins.

You can also collect extra Stardust by gifting Pokemon. There are many ways to do this, such as adding multiple trainer accounts or using bots. This can be a very effective way to increase your Stardust and reach ultra levels quickly. Additionally, it can increase your chances of catching Pokemon and candy.


In Pokemon Go, walking is one of the best ways to gather Stardust. But it varies according to where you live, so the method may not be as effective if you live in a rural area. The best method is to follow a pre-established route that passes by Pokestops and gyms controlled by your team. While walking, you can feed your Pokemon with berries from the Pokestops. Then, you need to wait for thirty minutes before you can start collecting Stardust.

If you’re not in a hurry to catch Pokemon, you can always use a GPS teleportation app. These programs are free, but they help you walk farther and earn more Stardust. You can also turn on Adventure Sync to record kilometers you’ve traveled even when you close the game.

While walking, you should also be careful not to alarm wild Pokemon. The best way to avoid alarming them is to walk slowly. If you see a Pokemon with a full awareness meter, stop and don’t move too far all at once. This will make catching them easier.

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