How to Loot a Lost Sector in Destiny 2

If you want to find the rarest weapons in Destiny 2, then you should try looting a lost sector. It can be quite challenging, but if you know how to approach it correctly, you can find tons of items from a lost sector. The best way to go about it is to go with a companion. It can make looting the sector that much more fun.

Hallowed Grove

There are several ways to loot Hallowed Grove in Destiny 2. The EDZ region has a hidden treasure trove known as the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector. Luckily, finding it is surprisingly easy! First, spawn at the Sludge’s Landing Zone, and run south to the Hallowed Grove. When you reach this location, you will find a rock that has the Lost Sector symbol on it. Then, continue into the dark cavern.

Looting coffins will give you random rewards and hallowed marks. You can use your lockpick or strange old lockpick to increase your looting odds. In addition, you can talk to NPCs at coffins. Some of these NPCs look like players, and you can talk to them to learn about the loot requirements. Among these are c4ssi4n, a Darkmeyer Slave, and a skeletal figure that you can talk to.

The hallowed grove is located in the upper left-hand corner of the world map. The entrance is located behind a little rock, and it’s marked with the same icon as the other Lost Sectors. Once inside, you’ll find a boss room. Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll be rewarded with a chest.

Several bugs have been fixed and the hallowed grove’s environment is now easier to navigate. Players are no longer stuck on floors 1-3. Ghosts will no longer steal items when you’re interrupting the dialogue. Hallowed tokens and hallowed items have a new price. They now cost 10 hallowed marks instead of 15 hallowed marks. Additionally, the last fire trap on the east path has a more reasonable respawn coordinate.

If you don’t have much experience with looting Hallowed Grove, it may be time to learn how to farm the Hallowed Sepulchre. This unique treasure is located in the Hallowvale area beneath Darkmeyer. There are five floors and each floor scales with the player’s Agility level. Each floor has a different number of hallowed coffins. The deeper the level, the more hallowed marks you’ll receive. There are also noticeboards next to the stairs and lobby where you can check on your global and personal statistics.


You can loot a Lost Sector in Destiny 2 by exploring the area and taking on enemies that inhabit it. The first step in this process is to activate your Deepsight. It will allow you to see platforms below. Once you do, head to the east and you’ll find a cave filled with Scorn. There are a number of enemies to defeat, including the Hive, Blistered Ogre, and Hathrek the Glasweard from the Lucent Brood. You must defeat these enemies to get access to a treasure chest that you can loot.

Lost Sectors can be completed an unlimited number of times, but the drop rates for Exotic loot are not guaranteed. Because of this, you might have to try the same Lost Sector multiple times before you find the desired item. In addition, it’s important to remember that you will only receive Enhancement Cores when you have a fireteam.

Lost Sectors are marked by a special icon on the map. You can use your mouse to hover over the icon to see the name of the Lost Sector. Upon completion, the icon will turn grey instead of white. Afterwards, you can loot items from the sector.

You can also find a Lost Sector in the Trostland region. The area is marked on the map, and the gate you open in this sector will open a chest in that location. The key to unlock the chest is the Kalsis Sunless Captain, which is the boss in this sector. Alternatively, you can head to The Gulch, where you can defeat Phyzann Drowned Captain, who is a boss that will drop a code that will unlock your chest.

The other Lost Sectors are located in the Tangled Shore and Mercury. The Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector is located near the edge of the Infinite Forest, and the Ma’adim Subterrane is near the cliff. The Core Terminus is found near the cliff and on the left of the Fast Travel point. The Core Terminus is a Hive-infested room.

Lost Sectors are part of the PvE activity in Destiny 2. In each Lost Sector, you can find a boss and a treasure chest. The chest will contain a Glimmer and a piece of equipment. You can also obtain a Token for the planet by defeating the boss.

Metamorphosis Lost Sector

If you’re looking for some great loot in Destiny 2, you should check out Metamorphosis Lost Sector. This region has Legendary and Master loot that you can use for your character. You can find it in the Miasma area, right next to the ruins of the Hive.

The Metamorphosis Lost Sector has three main sections. The first one is the Florescent Canal, where you can encounter Hive enemies worshiping the Tutelary of Savathun. The second area is Metamorphosis Lost Sector, which takes you into ancient ruins under Miasma. However, you will have to take out three crystals to defeat the Scorn Captain.

Legend and Master difficulty levels are recommended when completing the Metamorphosis Lost Sector. Legend difficulty is for players that have at least 1500 power level. In order to choose a Legend Lost Sector, you must be able to beat the boss and loot the cache before continuing on to the next level.

The Metamorphosis Lost Sector in Destiny 2 is a bit easier than other Lost Sectors. However, the Attrition modifier is the toughest, so make sure to have an effective build and equip the right weapons. Having a good weapon and shields will help you withstand the Attrition modifier. You will also need a good grenade mod.

Once you’ve activated your Deepsight, you should head eastward. Then, you should face several enemies before you reach the Scorn. After you kill the Scorn, you can kill all the enemies in the region and get the loot. This will unlock the Lost Sector.

There are three different ways to loot this sector. First, you need to have a good weapon for your class. Having an arc weapon will be important. It can be a huge help in the Legend Lost Sector if you’re playing as a Warlock. Voidwalker is an excellent choice for warlocks, as it grants you the powerful Devour buff. In addition, it regenerates HP and grenades. Also, if you have Solar subclasses, you can use Revitalizing Blast and Ember of Char and Ashes. These two weapons can make the battle with Champions much easier.

Once you have your Legendary, you can also start farming for exotic armor pieces. Legendary and Master Lost Sectors are a great way to farm specific exotic armor pieces. Just make sure you complete all the other Lost Sectors before attempting the Legendary ones. It will not appear on your map until you complete all of them. These locations will change daily. They also rotate modifiers and rewards.

Graviton Lance exotic Pulse Rifle

If you’re looking for an exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2, you may want to look no further than the Graviton Lance. This rifle can rip through space-time and shoot two shots at once, making it an excellent choice for long-range combat. This weapon is a random exotic drop, so you may not be able to obtain it in a single session. You’ll need to have completed a few Strikes or Crucible missions to acquire it, but once you have it, you can equip it with the Cosmology perk. It’s a great choice for looting lost sectors and will reward you for accuracy.

This Exotic Pulse Rifle is an excellent choice for looting a lost sector in Destiny 2. Its high RPM makes it a good choice for PvP and PvE, and its low recoil and good aim assist stats make it an excellent choice for looting a sector. It’s also a great option for striking bosses and clearing hordes of enemies.

A Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2 has a number of lootable items. In addition to the legendary Pulse Rifle, the players can also find Hot Knife Modifiers and Barrier Champions. The latter also has solar shields on its shanks. However, the best weapon to loot a Lost Sector is the Graviton Lance exotic Pulse RIFle. The weapon comes with Cosmology trait and adds bonus damage.

In addition to this weapon, you can also obtain exotic armour ornaments. These items can be obtained through the Faction Rally quest. Factions that complete the quest can obtain a Masterwork item, as well as an elite weapon that can be used in the future.

In addition to the legendary Pulse Rifle, you can also obtain other Exotic weapons by completing core activities. You can also get the Riskrunner, Graviton Lance, and Sunshot Exotic weapons from completing the Red War campaign. There are also other Exotic weapons and armor drops you can acquire from Crucible matches and vendors.

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