How to Spike Bonemass in World of Warcraft

The first step to summoning the Bonemass is to find a runestone containing Withered Bones. It is possible to get this runestone in any crypt but it is not guaranteed to spawn in the crypt you are in right now. Once you have this item, head to the crypt and read the runestone, and follow the prompts. Your team size and weapon types will also make a difference in the success of this boss fight.

Battle with Bonemass in Valheim

Bonemass is a large slime monster and the third boss in Valheim. It is best fought with a group of players. To summon Bonemass, you must find an altar and sacrifice 10 Withered Bones. You can find them in Muddy Scrap Piles and Sunken Crypts.

Defeating Bonemass is one of the most important parts of the game. This boss can be quite difficult and if you want to be able to defeat it, you need to make sure you have all the right gear and food to fight him. The best weapon and armor for this boss are a blunt melee weapon, Poison Resistance Mead, and good arrows. There are several attacks that Bonemass can make, such as throwing globs of poison and summoning various minions.

The first move of Bonemass is to throw a ball of goop in the air. This will cause a bunch of random enemies to fall on it. Its second move is to gather a poison cloud and release a large wave of poisonous ooze. This is one of the most dangerous attacks in the game, so be careful when attempting to fight it.

Bonemass is the third boss in Valheim, and is the hardest boss to fight. You must prepare thoroughly for this battle, and a good guide can help you make the most out of the encounter. It is essential to set up a good outpost and set up an emergency outpost before the battle. A good guide will tell you where to find the runestones and swamp keys.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, you’ll receive the Bonemass Trophy and Wishbone. These two items are vital for collecting Silver later on in the game. Therefore, keep these items on you and carry them with you at all times. If you don’t, you won’t be able to progress.

While the game is difficult, you can find a way to end the fight cheaper. To do this, you need to climb a tree and build a small shelter just above the head of the boss. Then, you need to craft Frost Arrows, which require Obsidian and Freeze Glands. These are the only arrow types that can injure the boss, so you must take care to use them effectively.

Preparation for the fight

Preparation for the fight to spawn Bonemass is crucial for ensuring the success of your raid. This monster can be devastating, but there are some tricks you can use to make it easier for you to kill it. Luckily, it’s possible to use blunt weapons and items to help you.

The first step in preparing for the fight is to make sure that you have enough health to last the entire boss fight. Bonemass can deal out a large amount of damage, so you need to be very careful not to get too close to it unless you have lots of health. You’ll have to dodge the poison ticks that will be spawning on the Bonemass, and use your bow to damage it. It will heal itself when it stops taking damage, so you’ll have to be cautious not to get too close to it.

In addition to the melee attack, you can use your ranged attacks and a ranged attack to take out Bonemass. A long ranged attack like a frost arrow can also work. However, it’s not recommended to use the frost arrows in this instance. You must also ensure that you have a nearby portal in case you don’t manage to kill Bonemass.

Before you can summon Bonemass, you need to gather 10 withered bones. They can be found in Sunken Crypts dungeons and Muddy Scrap Piles. When you’ve collected 10 withered bones, use the rune stone to summon Bonemass.

As Bonemass is the third boss in Valheim, you’ll need to prepare yourself. The boss is a major hurdle to overcome, and a prepared team will be the difference between success and failure. It can be difficult to summon the Bonemass, but luckily, you can prepare for it by following these tips.


One of the most effective strategies for dealing with the Attacks when spawning bonemass is to use area-of-effect blunt weapons. These weapons can deal significant damage to Bonemass without being too slow. The best weapon to use for this type of encounter is the Iron Mace. Alternatively, a Bronze Mace can also be effective. It is also helpful to use terrain in your favor when attacking this mob. The best way to approach this monster is to attack it when it is at half health or lower.

The Bonemass has no ranged attack, so the best weapon to use is an iron mace or a wooden club. In case you can’t use these weapons, you can try using a nearby portal. You can even use a large shield to block a single Bonemass attack.

The Bonemass’ second attack is the melee swipe attack. This attack uses its right arm and hits a player that is directly in front of it. It can be blocked and dodged. However, it is important to roll out of the way of the bonemass to dodge the attack.

If you are using a weapon, you should avoid using the poisoned version. The other weapon is the Stagbreaker hammer. It will help you clear smaller enemies and is a good backup. You can also equip full iron armor or bronze armor. Alternatively, you can wear a troll hide.

Before summoning the Bonemass, you should prepare yourself for the battle. Make sure to eat enough food before hand. This will ensure that you have enough stamina to take a melee hit. Then, you should try to make use of a ranged weapon.

The Bonemass also drops a wishbone. The wishbone is useful in finding buried treasure and ores. It can also be used as a treasure compass. If you have a large party, this can be very useful. You can also make use of the Wishbone to find silver ore.

You can also summon Bonemass by using a summoning altar. You can find them in Sunken Crypts. To summon the Bonemass, you need to collect ten withered bones. Then, you need to find the Bonemass’ location. It will be marked by a giant glowing green skull. Once you’ve found it, you can then begin the boss fight. It’s important to have a strong team so you don’t get caught by this monster.


When you spawn a Bonemass, the damage it deals is enormous, dealing 80 Blunt and 30 Poison damage to players. Additionally, it deals 1000 Chop damage to rocks and trees. The best way to deal with Bonemass is to avoid getting too close to it. You can use your bow to damage it with, but make sure to have enough health for the entire fight. This will help you survive any poison ticks it will cause. Using your bow will also help you pull yourself out of any poison clouds. A bow will do very little damage, but is a very good choice.

If you’re in a group, you can designate one player as the tank. This way, you won’t have to split up your teammates. You can assign another player to deal with any additional enemies that may spawn around you. While the damage from Bonemass is relatively low, the damage it deals is quite high, so it’s best to have another player nearby to help.

While a Stagbreaker hammer is not the best weapon to use against Bonemass, it can clear up smaller enemies and is an excellent backup weapon. Armor also doesn’t matter much, as the main source of damage from Bonemass is poison. It’s best to avoid using bladed weapons and piercing weapons, and to use a bow if you’re worried about the damage from a Bonemass.

Once you’ve defeated the Bonemass, make sure to clean up the area around it. Then, make sure to hover up to read the new items that spawn. When it comes to the worst outcome in Valheim, dying after a Bonemass fight is the worst outcome of all.

Using a frost arrow or a Draugr bow is an excellent choice to deal consistent damage against Bonemass. Frost arrows are particularly effective, but you’ll also need to equip a frost arrow or freeze gland to use it. However, don’t forget that your arrows won’t be very effective against Bonemass unless you have a treetop platform.

While you’re at it, make sure to look for a trophy for the Bonemass. They drop a wishbone when defeated, which is useful for detecting buried treasures and ores. If you’ve got a wishbone, attach it to a stone at a stone circle and it will increase your damage.

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