How to Use Voice Lines in Valorant

Voice lines in VALORANT are used to say words in the game. There are three methods for doing this. These are the Radio commands, Comma and Period methods and the Wheel method. All three methods can be used to speak the same words. The first method is the simplest and will take the least amount of time.

Radio commands

If you’re not comfortable using a microphone, you can also communicate with Valorant agents through radio voice commands. You can learn about these in the Valorant user guide. These are different from the ping system, which is quite handy but limited. Here are some examples.

One way to use radio commands is to send a message to another team member. This way, your teammates won’t be able to ignore you. These commands are especially handy if you’re trying to communicate with someone in the opposite team. They allow you to quickly send a message to someone who’s far away.

Valorant voice chat can be turned off in-game, but you can still use it to send messages to others. To do this, go to the communication tab in the Valorant menu. There, you can choose the types of communications you’d like to send. You can even set up different commands for different types of conversations. These options include combat, social, and strategy. You can also use a microphone to speak directly to another player.

Voice lines for Valorant agents include “Give me a corpse!” and “Return my team to me!” These are common lines, but they are not necessarily in any particular order. Some of the voice lines are extremely subtle, while others are very obvious. Most agents have different voicelines depending on which team they’re on. Some agents also have additional voicelines if they’re successful at ultimate.

Voice chat is an essential part of Valorant communication. It’s important to keep communication lines open and clear. Whether you’re speaking to teammates or enemy teams, voice chat is an essential tool in the game. To communicate with other players and enemies, players can use voice chat or team valorant chat.


In Valorant, you can use voice lines to communicate with your characters. The voice lines in Valorant can be used to communicate with other characters, give commands, and get help from other players. The game lets you choose which voice lines you would like your character to use. There are three options for how to use voice lines in Valorant: social, combat, and strategy.

Voice lines are very important in VALORANT. They help you communicate vital information to your team and compliment each other. You can also turn off voice lines with the help of the radio command menu. Here are some tips to use voice lines in Valorant: The first type of voice lines is for the agent. The voice line is very simple but it conveys an important message to the team. The second voice line is for the support agent, Sage. Sage’s voice line shows her concern for her teammates.

If you’re looking for a voice actor for Jett, there’s a lot of variety to choose from. For instance, Shannon Williams, a streamer known as ArrumieShannon, is often angry about the Jett voice lines. Many players have complained that the voice lines are promoting BMs.

To use voice lines in Valorant, you can assign a specific key to activate them. Once you’ve assigned the key to the radio command wheel index option, drag the mouse to the command you’d like. You can even customize the trigger key for the radio command wheel.

Voice lines are also important for good in-game communication. Many team-based online games rely on good communication between teammates. Unfortunately, some players are naturally shy and have difficulty speaking with strangers in-game. Another reason may be bullying. The player might have been teased or ridiculed in the past because of his or her accent or grammar. In either case, the lack of communication can negatively affect team play.


In Valorant, you can customize the voice lines of your characters. In the menus, you can choose to trigger radio commands by pressing the comma key. You can also customize the wheel option. If you don’t want to use the comma key, you can change the word that you want to hear.

There are two ways to initiate radio communication with agents in Valorant: using a Ping button (MB3) or pressing the Comma key. This way, you can remain anonymous. In addition, you can also use voice commands to mark enemy locations. Those commands have separate voice lines, so they’re almost as effective as voice commands.

Keeping good communication with teammates is important in VALORANT. Good communication keeps your team coordinated and can save a teammate from premature death. Good information from your teammates can allow you to snag easy kills. If your teammates don’t use voice chat, you might miss out on easy kills.

Voice chat is important in Valorant because it makes communication easier. While text chat is essential for some situations, voice chat is essential for fast communication. Not only does this allow you to get the message across quickly and clearly, but it also helps to organize your gameplay. It’s also a great way to make the best use of your chat box in Valorant.

Wheel method

In Valorant, the voice lines are customizable. The company has hinted at the possibility of a ping wheel method, where players can press a numerical key in order to access voice lines. The company’s website offers several ways to customize the voice lines and their use.

In the Valorant game, multiple agents are available for you to control. Each agent has unique abilities and powers, as well as a different appearance. Each agent has a different voice, which you can use to speak and give commands to other players. You can also use these voice lines to ask other players for help.

Some voice lines are easier to use than others. For example, Cypher has a basic voice line, which is “Give me a corpse.” Sova has two basic voice lines, which hint at his abilities as a hunter. Sage is the ultimate support agent in VALORANT. Her voice lines show how she wants to help her teammates. Her voice lines are simple, but effective, and will help you understand what is going on during the round.

Communication is critical in VALORANT. Without communication, you can leave yourself in a losing situation. Keeping your teammates up-to-date with information can save their lives. Likewise, good information from your teammates can help you snag easy kills. It’s all about being able to relay information fast and clearly to your teammates.

Valorant uses various communication systems, including voice comms and pinging. While voice comms can be effective in the game, pinging can be more effective if you have more than one target. This can be especially helpful in cases where you want to warn your teammates of danger or need to communicate with them. However, in the game, this feature doesn’t work for everyone, and many Valorant players have expressed concerns about the ping system.

Yoru’s ultimate ability

Yoru’s ultimate ability gives him the ability to move undetected. While this can be useful for sneaking into backstabbing positions, it is also underwhelming unless you have good team coordination. You can read more about this ability below, but in short, it allows him to send an echo or rift tether forward. This tether can be used to teleport to a destination. Additionally, he can activate a flash when he collides with a hard surface.

Another key feature of Yoru’s ultimate ability is the ability to teleport to a specified location. This skill replenishes every round. It also creates a rift tether that can be sent forward and positioned in a defined location. This ability is useful for sneaking in, infiltrating, or as a distraction. This ability can also be used to drop enemies.

Valorant’s developers have responded to criticism and outlined the thinking process behind Yoru’s ability. It is worth noting that while the ability isn’t set in stone, it may still be changed in the future. The developer, Ryan Cousart, said that the ultimate ability can change as a result of feedback from players.

Yoru’s ultimate ability allows him to move in a stealthy manner. Whether he’s advancing or retreating, his ability is a crucial element to the success of a team. The ability also allows Yoru to outdue an enemy agent. In addition, Yoru’s stealth allows him to move quickly into positions where his opponents can’t anticipate him.

Yoru’s Blindside ability is the only ability in the game that remains unchanged from its previous iteration. Yoru’s fragment will travel to a hard surface and then transform into a curved flashbang. While this ability is wonky, it is an effective way to protect teammates and make an entrance for yourself.

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