How to View Draft Order on ESPN Fantasy Football

If you’re in an ESPN fantasy football league, you’re probably wondering how to view draft order. While the draft order is usually determined randomly before a live draft, it is possible to manually adjust the draft order. Usually, the draft order is determined by the reverse order of last year’s standings, but you can also manually adjust it if you have custom league managers. To adjust the draft order manually, you can simply log in to your league manager’s console and click on “Manage” at the top of the screen.


ADP is an important factor when determining the position of running backs in your fantasy football draft order. If you’re considering Dillon as your RB32, you should know he’s ahead of other big name running backs like Kareem Hunt and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Dillon, who is 6’247 pounds, is a top-10 pick on ESPN and is projected to see more touches than his teammates. Dillon’s role should increase and his fantasy point value will skyrocket.

While Barkley is wearing an injury-prone tag on ESPN, the RB32’s ankle injury is fully recovered. Managers who faded Barkley should do the same for Joe Mixon in 2021. One of the biggest surprises in the ESPN fantasy football draft order is that the quarterbacks are listed at QB6 and QB10, despite their recent injury history. This means that managers who selected Barkley in their first-round pick are likely to see a decline in his value.

With Metcalf’s injury, RB32 was a late RB selection. It’s unclear whether Metcalf’s loss will affect his value in the NFL Draft. He’s also worth consideration as a sleeper. While Metcalf’s value has been diminished, Gabriel Davis is an intriguing fantasy sleeper. Both Adams and Hill are projected to go first-round picks.


The first question most owners ask when selecting a running back for their fantasy football team is: Should I draft Cam Akers or Justin Herbert? While Herbert has not shown he is ready to start at the NFL level, he is a great value at RB27. The Cincinnati Bengals’ Tyrod Taylor is expected to start and the Bengals’ offensive line is a question mark, but Cam Akers is an interesting breakout candidate and a good value at RB27.

Dillon should be drafted higher than Dobbins or Travis Etienne Jr. on ESPN, as he has a significantly improved offensive line and the league’s best wide receiver tandem. On most other fantasy football sites, Dillon has a higher ADP than either of these two running backs. In the EPSN draft order, he is going to be drafted after Rodgers and ahead of Prescott and Brady. However, he is currently going higher than Jeudy, so it’s probably best to hold off on him until the later rounds of the draft.

The NFL mock draft will provide insight into the trends in the NFL and the draft as a whole. Experts from NFL Nation, ESPN, and ESPN Fantasy Football, as well as NFL reporter Dan Graziano, will moderate the discussion. If you’re wondering who to draft at RB27, check out NFL Nation’s draft thread. During this time, you’ll have the chance to ask some questions regarding the best running back and the worst players on the team.


If you’re looking for a running back in the 2021 draft, you have a few options. First, consider Javonte Williams, who has exceeded expectations as a rookie. His 3.42 yards after contact per carry are top-five in the NFL. With Melvin Gordon III now a free agent, Williams will likely see more snaps and rank higher than Gordon III. If the Vikings are willing to pass on Barkley in the draft, look for him to drop down to RB14.

While Dillon is an average runner, his upside is limited by his age. He will likely have to work his way back into the workload. Even if he does have an average season, he would still need to score a ridiculous number of touchdowns to justify his ADP on ESPN. It’s hard to imagine Dillon being a top-tier backfield option this year, but his value is a bit higher than you’d expect.


The ESPN Fantasy Football staff recently completed their first mock draft of the season, and it’s worth checking out. We drafted two running backs and a wide receiver, before moving on to WR and TE. We also mocked the draft order of running backs and wide receivers, and answered some of the most pressing questions that sparked our curiosity. Below are our picks. If you’re playing in an ESPN+ league, you can join our team, which is free to join.

The top players in our mock draft are: Antonio Gibson, Matt Harrington, Travis Etienne Jr., and Matt Dobbins. Of course, there are more running backs than those listed above, but RB23 and RB24 are still pretty good values in our opinion. RB23 is the second highest pick for RBs, but RB25 is the next highest pick, so don’t worry. It’s worth considering both players, regardless of the fantasy platform.

Pittman’s ceiling isn’t too high. With a better offensive line and a quarterback upgrade, Pittman is projected to go higher on ESPN than in most other fantasy leagues. But with Barkley’s injury-prone status and the newfound freedom to make plays, his ADP should reflect that fact. Pittman has a safer floor and higher ceiling than Waddle. And since Pittman is the highest-drafted running back on ESPN, Waddle’s position should recorrect to RB23 in espn fantasy football draft order


When you draft your players in ESPN fantasy football, you must know how to view the draft order. You should be aware of the entire board and prepare against runs. Here are a few tips. Follow these tips to view the draft order in ESPN fantasy football. You can view the draft order in several ways:

Ensure that you have a running back with a high ADP. Dillon is projected to receive over 200 carries in a good offense. While he finished last year as the RB29, his role will be significantly bigger this season. Likewise, do not overlook Dobbins, who was a top prospect coming out of Ohio State. Unfortunately, he suffered a devastating ACL tear in the preseason of 2021.

Whether you prefer to use ESPN’s league manager or create a custom league, the draft order is determined by the system’s algorithms. You can manually set the order if you have a long history of your league, or you can allow the computer to randomize the order for you. If you don’t have any history, you should set the order randomly. That way, you won’t have to worry about a bad draft order.


If you’re in the early rounds of your fantasy football draft, don’t worry: this RB25 is a safe choice. Despite the upside, he still has some risk. Hunt and Edmonds will have busy schedules as pass catchers, while Williams might need a month to develop. Chase and Jeudy could be breakout players, while Pitts and Andrews should be considered as well.

Running backs are always a risky position, but Gurley led all running backs in fantasy points in 2017 and finished in the top 10 11 times last season. Although Gurley will see fewer touches in 2019, he is still capable of producing elite fantasy output in the Rams’ offense. Meanwhile, Kelce and Brown are worth looking at in the first round, despite missing some time due to injury and helmet drama.

There is no definite consensus on who will be the top fantasy RB, but NFL Nation’s Mike Rothstein, ESPN’s Tom Carpenter, and’s Dan Graziano moderated the draft. ESPN Fantasy football is free, and it can be played with friends. You can even set up leagues with friends. You can also customize the settings and compete for the top spot in the league.


You’ve probably noticed that RB26 has a lot of buzz these days, but what exactly is the value of Metcalf? And how does he compare to the rest of the RB26s in the draft? ESPN Fantasy Football draft experts are back to discuss all the factors affecting Metcalf’s value and whether he should be considered a first-round pick or not. Below, you’ll find their thoughts.

While it may be tempting to pick up the rookies with the highest ADP, there are some flaws with the consensus rankings. One major flaw is that they’re not necessarily accurate and tend to change from week to week. For example, last year, Jamaal Williams and Nyheim Hines both made the RB25 and RB34 rankings, but neither had big games. So I think it’s a good idea to stick with the two established players.

ESPN’s experts conducted a mock draft of the NFL draft. Their strategy included taking advantage of the depth at WR and RB, while loading up on other positions in the first five rounds. They also added TEs and tight ends, including WRs Tom Carpenter. And they also filled out their QB and TE positions with good, high-level talent. The full mock draft is listed below.

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